The long run and the bigger picture

We are asset managers with opinions and empathy

Our work is guided by the family’s values, shown below. They help us guard the interests of the family and continuously strengthen its position.

Throughout our business operations  we contribute and are actively involved. We only become engaged when we can deliver significant impact.

We don’t shy away from risk, we trust our judgement and instincts, and we are comfortable standing out from the crowd.

Once we identify the right project, we are determined, patient and in it for the long run.

The human element carries a lot of weight in our decisions, and we only work with people we can vouch for, as people and as professionals.


We have faith in the honesty and integrity of our partners and collaborators.


We are just and tolerant, regardless of whom we’re dealing with.


We keep our feet on the ground, and we never take things for granted.


Once we’ve committed, we follow through.

Making a difference

If we can’t make a difference, we would rather do something else.